"Served in WW II in the Pacific and in the Korean War. His fighting spirit never diminished."
MSgt USA, Systems Analyst, Horticulturalist
Iowa – Pacific Rim & Europe - Maryland - Pennsylvania
NMP#  12.C.2

Bill Chamberlain served for over 20 years in the US Army.  He saw military service in the Pacific Theater in World War II and also later in Korea.  Due to one explosion he suffered temporary blindness.  He was also on Eniwetok Island following WW II when atomic bomb testing was taking place.  He commented that the light was so bright that when you covered your eyes with your hands that you could see the bones in your hands.  He said that the ocean would pull back from the island after an explosion such that you could see the coral and ocean floor surrounding the island.

Born in Iowa and raised in the Chicago area where he boxed in the Golden Gloves and led a rather rowdy life of card playing, drinking and generally resisting authority.  Me met and married his wife, Erma who was an active duty Army nurse, in Hawaii where their first son Warren, Jr. was born.  They subsequently had three more children, Charles born in Pennsylvania, Rodney born in Washington, DC and Teresa also born in Washington, DC.

His peace time military duty stations included Ft. Dix, NJ; Walter Reed Army Medical Center, DC; Giessen, Germany; Munich, Germany (immediately after WW II); Formosa/Taiwan and Eniwetok.  Upon retiring from the Army, he went to work for GSA as a systems analyst.  Retiring again, he divorced and relocated to Brookside, PA where he raised Christmas trees and blueberries and produced and sold his homemade ice cream.

His legacy is his children, his military service in war and peace and the hard work ethic he instilled in all of his children.  Although not a perfect parent, he did the best with what he had and his family always had a roof over their heads and food on the table letting us concentrate on education and jobs.

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