"Southern Virginia 564 Acre Family Recreation Area with Private 110 Acre Lake"
Elkhorn Lake
Campground - RV Lots - ATV Trails - Fishing - Cabins
Java, VA
NMP#  12.E.1
Supporting Virginia Sustainability & Family Recreation

Elkhorn Lake was constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers.  It was used as a private company retreat for Dan River Mills for picnics, camping and swimming.  It was later sold to Richard (Dick) Moste of Florida and his wife Nancy.  Dick constructed most of what the current campground has today including the three swimming pools, water slides, 1927 Herschel Carousel, miles of paved roadways, 3 separate campgrounds, recreation building, pool house, shop building and store.  Dick exhibited a love for the property and the campers especially wanting to create a great experience for the youngest campers.  Mike Phelps and his wife Vicki helped to build out and manage the campground.  Following DIck's death, the lake property was sold to a local partnership led by Ed Fellers, owner of Fellers Chevrolet, Altavista, VA.  

Ed Fellers later sold the property to Chuck Chamberlain of Delaplane, VA.  "I was impressed with finding such a coutry setting with a large private water area in Virginia.  It is important to preserve this regional attraction for families to be able to take their kids away into a protected setting and able to once again get closer to nature."

ATVs were routinely ridden in the wooded areas of the property and are local working tools on the many local tobacco farms and timber tracts so that use was expanded to a full ATV trail circuit consisting of over 27 miles of trails by the new campground manager, Kenny Johnson, to improve the outdoor experience of Elkhorn Lake. 

The resident Elkhorn Yacht Club works with management to keep the lake stocked for fishing and to improve the fishing experience.

Elkhorn Lake continues to make a series of infrastructure upgrades and the popularity of the Lake has increased to levels not seen since Dick Moste's operation.

Elkhorn Lake is at 2500 Elkhorn Road, Java, VA 24565.  Website is www.GoElkhorn.com and contact numbers are 434-432-8814 (gatehouse) and 434.432.9203 (office).

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